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Dear new Recastly member. Thanks and congratulations for getting your license of Recastly.

You’re about to be rewarded with bigger audiences, higher conversions and more sales from every video you create or leverage for your own promos.

But just before you jump in …
Here’s How To Make Unlimited Video Profits
Recastly works great right out of the box. The powerful transcription and voiceover features increase both your traffic and conversions.

And although the main product is jammed full of value ...

The technology allows for even HIGHER profits for users that want to take things to the next level.
If You REALLY Want To Make As Much Money As Possible
With Video … You’re In The Right Place
Even though Recastly is brand new, soon enough the technology will go mainstream.

To keep your margins high, you’ll need to constantly
beat your competition to the customer.

To do this, your videos have to always stand out …
And you’ll need to leverage conversion features most marketers don’t have access to.

That’s why we’ve spent months developing a suite of powerful features that take the Recastly technology to entirely new levels of profit.
Proudly Introducing: Recastly Pro
Higher profits, more traffic, unlimited versatility & scaling
For Marketers & Business People That NEED To Stay Ahead
This is for people that realize online technology is moving at an incredible pace.
And want to exploit proven systems for maximum profit.
How does Recastly Pro do this for you?
It gives you a huge advantage over your competition. With multiple ways to income-proof your future profits … using powerful features most people don’t even know exist.
Buckle up.
Time = Money.
Here’s More Of Both.
Your standard Recastly license lets you use the software for videos up to X minutes long. Great for branding, list building & promoting entry level products.

But when it comes to making serious money ...
Longer videos do the serious selling.

Webinars & live broadcasts are THE best formats for
converting mid to high ticket offers.

As a Pro member, you can add subtitles and voiceovers to ANY video,
no matter how long … and no matter who made it.

Got a webinar promoting your own high end product? Great.

Found a top-converting webinar for an affiliate offer where all the work’s done for you? Awesome.
Because now you can
  • Create MULTIPLE high-end profit streams by repurposing webinars & recorded streams…
    tap into global & mobile audiences that until now were unreachable
  • Drive serious buyers from AROUND THE WORLD to your best premium offers
There’s a MAJOR traffic advantage to using Recastly on longer videos …
Longer transcriptions give search engines MORE content to crawl …
So you can rank even higher.
PLUS you can target more long tail buyer keywords in your subtitles …
and reach audiences your competition can’t.
Stand Out In The NewsFeed … And Everywhere Else
A powerful Recastly feature is the starter pack of subtitle templates. These give your videos a professional look and help them stand out, especially on social media.

Here’s the thing. You’ll soon find your Recastly videos are so successful, you’re going to want MORE variety to make sure ALL of your video promos get maximum attention, clicks and conversions.

As a Pro member, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to our complete library of subtitle
AND 3D subtitle templates (over 3 in total).
Each tested across multiple platforms and proven to increase views & engagement.

Here’s just a sample of some of the stunning subtitle templates waiting for you inside:
You have FULL control of where you position these subtitle templates on ANY video …
so you can create an OPTIMAL viewing experience
that drives more clicks and profits every time
15 Stunning Subtitle Templates Now.
5 Brand New Ones Every Month
Future proofing your income means always being different,
and doing things other marketers aren’t.
As a Pro member, you’ll get 5 incredible new subtitle templates
delivered to your dashboard monthly.
So you’ll ALWAYS have videos with a unique look, that stand out
across social and mobile platforms.
While your competitors are wondering why their videos are getting less action ...
You’ll be effortlessly driving more traffic, views, clicks and sales.
Pixels For Profits
Quality counts, especially in video. With today’s display technology,
video resolution is an INCREDIBLY big deal.

It’s why Star Wars movie trailers get so many views - the visual effects at these resolutions are incredible and GRAB attention from start to finish.

As a Pro member, you can download videos in FULL resolution - even 4K -
straight to your dashboard. Add your subtitles &
render complete versions in the same high quality formats …

You get STUDIO quality videos that stand head and shoulders
above the competition.

Now YOU get to be the marketer that stops people in their tracks.
Turn YOUR Brand Into HIGHER Sales
The whole “know, like and trust” thing explains a lot about buyer behaviour.
And it all starts with being known.

As a Pro member, you can remove Recastly branding from your videos
for a clean look …


Use the included watermark feature to add your company logos to your videos …
Now every promotion builds your brand & adds to YOUR authority.

Consider that viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text … and you know why video branding is a BIG DEAL.
Scaling Your Business Just Got REALLY Easy
Before long, you’re going to have a LOT of Recastly video campaigns up and running.
As a smart marketer, you’re going to want to access these quickly:
  • To scale winning campaigns and create new variations for new markets
  • To update calls to action, subtitle templates and more to optimize conversions
You could try to store ALL these videos yourself …
Then waste time trying to find a specific video everytime you need to make a change …

Or, let us handle it for you. As a Pro member, ALL your videos will
FOREVER be stored on our cloud servers …

Instantly available in your dash …

So you can scale and optimize campaigns in SECONDS.
Recastly puts you in front of your competition.
Recastly Pro keeps you there … while handing you 
even more & BIGGER profit streams.
As a new Recastly customer, you can upgrade to Pro for
a substantial discount on this page only.

You’ll have INSTANT access to everything above:
  • Add subtitles & voiceovers to videos of UNLIMITED length
  • Complete collection of stunning subtitle templates AND 3D templates
  • Full resolution downloads
  • Remove Recastly branding from your videos
  • Unlimited downloads and PERMANENT cloud storage of all your video campaigns
PLUS - 5 powerful & tested new subtitle templates 
delivered to your account every single month.
Ongoing Video Profits. Perfectly Simple With Recastly Pro
No flashy gimmicks or untested technology. Everything about Recastly
is proven to turn more of your videos into more traffic & higher profits.

As a Pro member you’ll enjoy a new world of traffic, higher-ticket sales,
and conversion methods that leave your competition in the dust.

You can try it out for 30 days completely risk free.
If for any reason you’re not thrilled, just let us know and we’ll refund
every penny of your small investment.
You’ve Got NOTHING To Lose By Going Pro Now!
The only risk is not to check it out at this one-time discounted price.

Then regret it when you realize you need to use longer videos, leverage more subtitle templates, download in maximum resolution … and enjoy the cost-savings and convenience of having all your videos hosted for you.

Upgrading to Pro is as easy as clicking the button below.
As soon as you do, we’ll instantly set up your Recastly account
so you have access to all Pro features.

Welcome to Recastly Pro.
As a Premium Recastly member, if you act RIGHT NOW, you get instant access
to Recastly Pro at a grandfathered pricing...
Recastly Pro Monthly
  • Ability to Upload Videos Longer Than 10 Minutes 
  • 5 Additional Templates
  • 5 Templates Added Each Month To Your Account
  • Ability To Turn Off Recastly Branding
  • Download Videos In As It Is Resolution (Even 4k)
  • Download Never Expires...
Recastly Pro Yearly
  • Ability to Upload Videos Longer Than 10 Minutes 
  • 5 Additional Templates
  • 5 Templates Added Each Month To Your Account
  • Ability To Turn Off Recastly Branding
  • Download Videos In As It Is Resolution (Even 4k)
  • Download Never Expires...
Recastly Pro Yearly
30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee
No strings, you can cancel at any time.
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