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We've done it before. Let's do it again...
Sam and I partnered up for the first time for RunAWebinar.
The launch did over $400k in 7 days.
Sam and I partnered again for Revamply Launch and did over $500k in 7 days. And over $100k+ in recurring commissions since then.
Sam and I are partnering up again for Recastly. With our awesome
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Recastly is a first-ever software that automatically generates subtitles in any language for any of your videos and lets you hardcode them onto your videos.

Hardcoding subtitles are proven to be more effective and do not need any special player to see the subtitles. However, it's hard and time-consuming to add subtitles to your videos currently. This is why we created Recastly that does this for you automatically and we didn't stop there.

With Recastly you can even convert your subtitles into any language and we have a ton of beautiful subtitle templates that you can use to add captivating and non-intrusive subtitles to your videos.

But it doesn't end there. There are a ton of people who hate to hear them and therefore never create any videos.

Recastly has an in-built Voice generator so your customers can type in whatever they want to show up on the video and Recastly will generate a very natural voiceover for them and add it to their video.

We use state of the art text to speech engine that lets your customers add voiceovers with many accents and also with any language even if they don't know the language.
Jam Packed With Powerful Features
Automatic Caption
Generate Captions
In All Languages
Hardcode Captions With Beautiful Templates
Add Professional Voiceovers
To Your Video
Automatic Timestamp
Preview And Edit
Professional Translation and
Transcription Services 
Change Video Sizes And
Add Watermarks
And much more...
Original Video
The Same Video After Using Recastly
WORD BY WORD (1 Line) +
Subtitles in English
Subtitles in ITALIAN
Line by line (1 LINE) +
LINE BY LINE (2 Lines)
Watermark + Subtitles revealed
Word By Word (2 Lines)

Vertical Size + SUbtitles
revealed line by line (1 Line)
See Recastly In Action
Reasons You Need To Promote Recastly
High-Quality Innovative Product
We have spent many months in developing Recastly.
Recastly is not only a high-quality app but its very unique and created specially to solve a big problem.
Solves An Urgent Need
Subtitles are becoming important as the video content is on the rise. Adding subtitles is a lot of hassle and pain especially if you are to hardcode your
subtitles into a video. Recastly solves this urgent need and many other problems all at once. This is the ultimate Captioning App one could have.
An Angle That You Cannot Go Wrong With
Video Captions are not only beneficial to normal visitors, they are also very important for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. These people rely heavily on captions and it's actually mandatory for certain businesses to have captions to all there videos in order to avoid a lawsuit for discrimination. In short, captions makes your videos more accessible to all. Making your customers aware of this fact would surely help you make this the best promo of the year.
Strong Technical + Marketing Team
We have been creating products for a few years now and here are some of the products that we created in the past:
  • Revamply
  • RunAWebinar
  • VideoMotionPro
Proven Track Record In Sales
We know what a high converting offer looks like. We have not done it once but almost all the time. 
  • Revamply - $500k In 5 Days
  • RunAWebinar - $400k In 7 Days
  • VideoMotionPro - $600k In 7 Days
We Reciprocate
You might be living under a rock if you haven't seen Sam on leaderboards. One thing is assured if you have a quality product that fits our list, we will be happy to reciprocate. 
We know what a high converting offer looks like. We have not done it once but almost all the time. 
Funnel That is Designed To Covert
with Recurring Commission...
50% Commissions Across The Funnel
Recastly Premium
This is a Lifetime license that includes, automatic subtitle generator, 10 templates to hardcode the subtitles, ability to add subtitles to videos up to 10 minutes long, ability to generate and add voice over, ability to change video size and ability to add fixed text and watermark...
$27 - 47 One Time
Recastly Pro
Pro comes with all the features that are in Premium plus the ability to upload videos that are longer than 10 minutes, 5 additional templates each month, ability to turn of Recastly branding, ability to export videos in as it is resolution (including 4k) and much more..
$27 Per Month
$97 Per Year
Recastly Agency
Our agency feature lets you create Recastly accounts under your Agency. Agency users can also upload their own logo and use their own domain name to sell Recastly and keep 100% of the profits.  
$197 One Time
Recastly Video Player
With Recastly player you will be able to import all videos you made with Recastly and host them and place your videos on your pages easily with our Video Player.
$27 Per Month
$97 Per Year
Over $7,000 In Contest Prizes
Plus additional contests to be announced during launch..
1st Prize - $2,000
2nd Prize - $1,000
3rd Prize - $500
1st to 75 sales - $200
1st to 150 sales - $500
1st to 300 sales - $1000
Important: To qualify for main contest prizes you must make equal or more than the prize payout in commissions. Meaning, you need to earn equal or more amount of commissions in order to qualify for the full prize money. If you don’t make the equal or more amount of commissions, then you’ll be paid out the amount you’ve made in commissions depending on your prize winnings.
Pre-launch & Launch Email Swipes
Email Swipe #1

Subject #1: 80% of Facebook videos are watched without sound...

Subject #2: [Coming] ReCastly - Solving the biggest problem your videos have...
Body Copy:

Can you guess the best place
to generate video views
right now?


What many people don't
know though is that:

80% of Facebook videos
are watched without

No matter how good your
video looks...

...if your audience
can't understand your
videos message WITHOUT
sound chances are you're
missing out on a ton of
potential sales.

That's where ReCastly
comes in!

ReCastly is a software that
focusses on solving this
problem as quickly and
as easily as possible.

It allows you to upload or
add a URL into the software
and then it adds perfectly
timed subtitles to the
bottom of the video.

What this means is that
ANYONE whether they are
on Facebook or another
Social Platform can
watch and understand
your message in silence.

You've probably seen leading
companies already applying
subtitles to their videos
and now you know why they
do it.

This is only one of the many
other features packed into

If you'd like to find out
more go here now:



Email Swipe #2: 

Subject #1: ReCastly - Add 'Subtitles' to your videos in seconds...

Subject #2: Instantly increase sales by up to 80% from your videos...
Body Copy:

It's coming at 11am EST
a new software called

ReCastly solves what is
one of the biggest problems
people selling with video

The problem is:

80% of videos that are
watched over Facebook are
watched WITHOUT sound.

What this means is that
if you are spending money
on creating great looking

...then advertising those
videos you might be wasting
your time and money.

The Solution:

ReCastly - the ultimate
Solution specializing in
selling with 'Silent videos'

ReCastly allows you to quickly
and easily add subtitles
to your videos.

These subtitles are hard coded
and can be added quickly and
easily perfectly synced with
your video.

You can take a closer look
at the software in action
here now:



Email Swipe #3

Subject: Are you using video on Facebook?
Body Copy:

If you're using video
to sell on Facebook
right now then this
is for you...

...80% of Facebook
video viewers are
watching your videos
without sound!

Yes think about it!

A video drops into your
newsfeed and it starts
playing silently!

You keep watching and
if it grabs your attention
you click on it...

...if it doesn't then you
move on!

How do you increase the
chance people will watch
your videos?

It's not as difficult as
you might think.

The solution is SUBTITLES!

Yes SUBTITLES have been
proven to increase video
views and sales on

That's where ReCastly comes in...

ReCastly is a new software
that within seconds allows
you to perfectly sync your
video with subtitles.

So if someone is watching
your video on Facebook they'll
see subtitles about whats being
said on your video.

This increases the chance
they'll take action on whats
being said on your


If someone is watching and
english is their second
language subtitles also
make it much easier for
them to watch and understand
what is happening on
your video.

If you'd like to take a
closer look at ReCastly
and how it can help
your videos go here



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6. Affiliate payments will be set as delayed for affiliates with less than 50 sales on JVzoo for all other affiliates the commissions will be set to instant. Please describe briefly how you will be promoting and any links to your own websites or warrior forum profile. 

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