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Quickly Turn Your Recastly License Into 4-5 Figures PER MONTH In Passive Profit
See how to tap into an UNLIMITED market and set your OWN price:
Hi, it’s Sam Bakker here to share even more real-life income opportunities available to you as a Recastly member.

As you’ve seen, Recastly is the only cost-effective solution for adding ACCURATE subtitles and natural voiceovers to any video.

Doing this translates into an instant increase in traffic across MULTIPLE networks, higher engagement, and ultimately more sales.
A Huge Income Opportunity For You
Marketers & businesses ALREADY know the potential of video.

But most of them are still struggling:
  • Investing in flashy softwares they “hope” will work
  • Spending more money on paid ads & expensive video creators
  • Trying to do it all themselves
These companies and individuals see the results others get, and wonder when they’ll be able to cash in. The challenge they face is not having a solid plan for consistently converting video into traffic & profits.
Get Paid To Solve A UNIVERSAL Problem
As a new Recastly member, we’ve created a solution that gets YOU paid for helping an unlimited audience.

This is the 1st ever launch of Recastly, and shortly the price will jump to $197 per month.
What happens to all the business owners that aren’t aware of this solution?
How about the companies looking for someone to manage their video marketing needs?

They need help too, which is why we’re introducing Recastly - Client Edition

Your Recastly Client Edition license lets you offer video SOLUTIONS to as many marketers or businesses as you choose … 
  • You keep 100% of the profits
  • And pay NOTHING for software development or marketing materials
PLUS you can rebrand & customize Recastly with your own logo and sell accounts to others.
2 Brand New Income Streams … INSTANTLY
EFFECTIVE video marketing is something businesses really need.

Ask owners of any company if they could use more traffic, exposure and sales … and what do they say?
“Where do I sign?” 
Business owners and independent marketers are always looking to get ahead.
To cut costs while increasing revenues.

When you can deliver more traffic, higher conversions & more reach across both social AND mobile platforms … you call the shots.

So we’re giving you TWO ways to cash in with Recastly - Client Edition:
 #1: Hands-Free Recurring Monthly Income 
This is like having your own software for sale, with none of the hassles.
Simply charge clients for access to their own version of Recastly … we suggest $97 per month, but you can set your own price.

Recastly Client Edition lets you customize & rebrand the software

So it looks like your very own software solution:
  • Upload your own logo to the login page that clients see
  • Use your logo on all emails we send to clients on your behalf when downloads are ready
  • Update the included training videos with your own branding
  • Use your own domain for the login page so customers only ever see your business name & branding
  • Even edit and add your own support URL for the personal touch
Scenario 1.
Scenario 2.
Scenario 3.
Sign up just 5 clients to make at least $485 in passive profits per month
10 clients nets you $970 in PURE monthly profit
Scale up to 20 clients and you have $1970 in hands-free monthly income
 #2 - Job-Replacing Monthly Profits 
Business owners and marketers are BUSY.
Many of them don’t want to invest time into doing things themselves.

With your Recastly - Customer Edition license, you can EASILY provide on-demand video services to an unlimited number of clients …
And this is where the BIG money comes in.
Show prospects that you can get them more traffic, views, engagement and sales from their videos …
And it’s EASY to charge $500 per month for your service.

With Recastly, it’s simple. Just subtitle their existing videos … add voiceovers to others … and open them up to more social, mobile and global traffic.

This is “win-win” marketing and something you can be proud of. Helping others get solid results, and being paid very well to do it.
Picture having just 5 clients at $500 dollars a month - 
that’s $2500 in RECURRING monthly income.
10 clients at the same rates turns into 5K per month … 
with a service you can provide inside of an afternoon.
You Get ALL The Training & Resources To Find Clients AND Close Deals … Guaranteed To Work Even If You’ve Never Landed A Client Before!
See How Recastly - Client Edition Drives YOU Profits:
Exactly How You’re Going To Create 2 NEW Income Streams:
If you already provide services to clients, upgrading them to your video marketing services is easy. Simply decide whether you want to sell them the software, or charge them monthly to handle their video marketing.

If you don’t have clients, we’re going to show you step-by-step how to get them and profit quickly by providing Recastly services.
  • See where to find prospects … from the comfort of your computer or phone
  • How to contact prospects about your service
  • And use easy closing methods that are less about “selling” than simply sharing information - you’ll be amazed at how quickly people sign themselves up for your solution
As a Premium Recastly member, if you act RIGHT NOW, you get instant access
to Recastly Agency at a grandfathered pricing of just $1997, $997, just $197...
Your Secret Profit Weapon
Selling software online is great.
Promoting real solutions to offline clients is also great … and can be a LOT easier.

There’s less competition and many of these business owners simply aren’t aware of the softwares available … so you can provide services they desperately need.

Whatever your target market, bottom line is you get paid once the sale is made.
So we’re going to give you the EXACT tools to do just that.
First, you get our Recastly Sales Document.
This powerful doc converts your prospects into buyers.

It covers all the reasons why prospects can’t live without EFFECTIVE video marketing, and why your solution is the best answer.

This document has been researched & tested across dozens of niches … when your prospects see it, they’ll ask you how soon they can get started.
Feel free to rebrand it and share both in person and electronically.
DFY Sales
Any headline or statistic on our sales pages is yours to use when prospecting. We’ve spent THOUSANDS on these materials and they’re proven to convert. Turn a casual discussion over coffee into a sales pitch, just by sharing these pages to prospects.
Your Complete Resource For Signing Up Customers
Most businesses have certain steps they need to take before committing to a recurring payment.
So we’re including an “Agreement to Perform Services” that makes you look like a professional, and eliminates any barriers for business owners.
This binding legal document covers ALL aspects of your arrangement with clients … guaranteeing you get paid month after month.
Of course you can customize it to reflect your business and brand.
Step-By-Step Client Attraction Mastery
Copy the included, proven methods for finding clients WILLING to pay for video marketing on a monthly basis.
And our exact strategies for converting prospects into monthly paying clients.
Everything You Need Is Inside
One service.
2 ways to get paid.
Unlimited market.
ALL the tools you need to tap into it.

Everything you need to make recurring monthly income with Recastly is right here.
It’s as DFY as it gets … just focus on promoting your offer to more people to increase your monthly income.
Special Agency Rights Sales Training
Join Sam Bakker for a 2-hour session on how to sell this package to businesses. Sam will go over a clear and easy to follow strategy you can use to get businesses signed up and paying you month after month for this service. The webinar will happen a few days after this offer is closed. You’ll be automatically registered for the webinar once you’ve purchased. 
As a Premium Recastly member, if you act RIGHT NOW, you get instant access
to Recastly Agency at a grandfathered pricing of just $1997, $997, just $197...
Results Or Your Money Back
Putting modesty aside for a second …
We’ve helped a LOT of people create life-changing income selling software & services.

This is the absolute BEST solution & software we’ve ever developed for helping YOU make recurring monthly profits.

We believe in this system so much that we’ll take on all the risk.
Try Recastly Customer Edition for the next 30 days.
See how EFFORTLESS it is to find clients & generate a passive recurring income.

If at any time you have technical issues or questions, our dedicated support desk is here to get you up and running fast.

In the unlikely event you don’t think that earning passive income using Recastly is for you, let us know and we’ll refund every penny of your small investment.

Doesn’t get more fair than that.

So what are you waiting for?

Virtually EVERY business out there needs better results from their video marketing. YOU hold the solution to their problem … why not get paid for providing it?

We’d love to show you how. Click below for instant access to YOUR license to Recastly Client Edition.
As a Premium Recastly member, if you act RIGHT NOW, you get instant access
to Recastly Agency at a grandfathered pricing of just $1997, $997, just $197...
30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee
No strings, you can cancel at any time.
Recastly Agency
P.S. We’re including the client edition of Recastly as an exclusive offer for new Recastly members. You’ll NEVER see this offer again … and you’re covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. So take advantage NOW to see how to open up even more passive income streams with Recastly.
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